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Vienna: among the world´s top travel destinations

History is at the heart of Vienna both literally and figuratively. The narrow streets of the Innere Stadt snake through antiquated buildings, providing an atmosphere so authentic that you almost expect a Vienna native like composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or psychologist Sigmund Freud to round a cobblestone corner and greet you with “Guten Tag.”

Why visit Vienna in summer?

There’s a lot more to this city than just music and monarchs. Vienna is also a great place to spend some cash, with independent bookstores competing for business alongside haute couture. There are also a surprising number of attractions for young ones, including an amusement park and a top-notch zoo. Sneak out to one of the bars along the city’s Bermuda Triangle, or drop by one of the wine taverns skirting the Vienna Woods.

The compendium of art, culture, history, life style and top level wine & dine renders the city a top travel destination.

Why visit Vienna in winter?

Vienna celebrates the holiday season with advent markets, public ice skating rinks and plenty of lavish parties. Add wintry touches like snow-covered rooftops and nearby ski slopes into the mix and you’ll find yourself in a European winter wonderland.

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