Your Vienna


Vienna offers a large varity of pubs, bars and clubs, catering to every possible taste: from basic student places to alternative music venues as well as posh and very upscale clubbing locations.
So there definitely is no need to go to sleep early at night, rather the possibility to party all night long!

Dance clubs


Burgring 1. Roughly 400 meters away from our Operngasse Premium apartment.Opens at 9 pm, closes late. Don´t queue up before 1 am. Particularly in summer, this is our most favorite place to be. It is likely the most famous disco in Vienna. Volksgarten serves a wide range of music styles from reggae to R&B and hip-hop. There is a dedicated afterwork party oon Thursdays. Not to forget its splendid locatoion on Ringstrasse, next to Hofburg Palace, Volksgarten, and the museums just across the street. In summer, they have stunning open air bars and dance floors.

Albertina Passage

Opernring corner to Operngasse. Only 80 meters away from our Operngasse Premium apartment. Opened 2011. Thursday to Saturday 6 pm to 4 am. Well, it´s best uderstood as a clever mix of high class dining, 70s discotheque live music, high class bar, chilling, and dancing. Has two sideroom bars, not open to everyone…try your luck!

Club Palffy

Josephsplatz 6. Between Vienna State Opera and Hofburg Palace. 200 meters away from our Operngasse Premium apartment. Open Friday and Saturday officially starting at 11pm; however, don´t show up prior to 2 am. The club is not that well known by tourists so far. It has two small dance floors. Mostly very crowded throughout the night and comparably expensive; however, it is one of our favorite clubs in town.

The Box

Landstraßer Hauptstraße 2, part of Austria´s largest hotel, the Vienna Hilton. 500 meters away from our Kumpfgasse Premium apartments. Excellent dancing music, kind of a mix of pop and electronic, R&B, with all adverse effects; i.e. long queues are unevitable. Why it ismlisted here? Because it nonetheless meets all prerequisites for a splendid night, chilling and dancing. Quite well known to tourists already.


Schönbrunner Straße 222. Five underground stations away from our Operngasse Premium apartment , eight from our Judengasse Premium apartments, guess the underground line? Correct, U4. I basically sent my youth in this club. Met Hansi Hölzel, better known as Falco, was allowed to jam with him. Do remember well, there once was a huge fire and the club was entirely refurbished by the end of 2005. Guests over the years have included Prince, Kurt Cobain, Johnny Depp and Courtney Love. Mondays swap between Italo-club and 80s night; Tuesdays are student nights; Wednesdays feature live gigs by local bands; Thursday is rock night; Fridays are for the house club; catch disco-fever on Saturdays.


Donaukanal. About 500 meters away from our Judengasse Premium apartments. What a popularity it still has. It was once the major alternative location, miles away from mainstream. And the journey still continues. DJs playing techno, house, etc. and there are occasional live acts. As one of the club´s style best explaining examples, Trent Resnor´s Nine Inch Nails showed up, featuring Dave Grohl on the drums. Nuff said.


Le Loft

Praterstrasse 1. Located upon the 18th floor of Vienna´s Sofitel. 500 meters away from our Judengasse Premium apartments. Some consider it a combination of amazing business-style design and one of Vienna´s quite rare exquisite cocktail bar experiences. In addition, the view is marvellous both day and night. The ceiling is something special, providing breath taking colours.

Onxy bar

Stephansplatz 12, part of Do & Co Hotel, just across St. Stephan´s Cathedral with a concomitatly splendid view and high-end prices for alcohol. 300 meters away from our Kumpfgasse Premium apartments.

Tür 7

Buchfeldgasse 7. Something completely different. Tiny bar, expensively furnished. Comes up with seven recommended cocktails in seven variations. It was founded one a couple of years ago. Not cheap, but it is value for money.

Puff Bar

Museumsquartier. 400 meters away from our Operngasse Premium apartment. It is among Top 50 bars in Europe. This is what reports: “Puff” is actually German slang for “brothel”, so it may come as a surprise to those who speak English slang, that this is not actually a gay bar or a cannabis cafe but, instead, one of the most beautiful chic designed bars in the city, located in (you guessed it), a former bordello which dates back a hundred years. If you ask the bar staff nicely, they’ll even show you the hidden pink painted rooms which are still decorated with beds and even a Jacuzzi. Although it’s a different type of “cock” that the bar specialises in now (the innuendos extend to their cocktail menu). The liquor collection is impressive and the bar design is absolutely stunning, illuminated like a stage by the collection of recycled water bottles overhead.

Loos American Bar

Kärntner Durchgang 10. About 500 meters away from our Kumpfgasse Premium apartments. It was designed by the famous Viennese architect Adolf Loos in the early 20th century. Offers a traditional cocktail list. Go and find out the rest.