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Vienna has so many attractions to offer. It is best understood as a melting  pot of history and culture, vibrant life in a continuously growing metropole, new influences from Austia´s neighbors related to collaboration and migration as well as stunning entertainment. In addition, season by season, Vienna is full of abundand events. Take a short stroll through some major places to go and things to do. Also note our News from Vienna section which announces events in the near future and our Attractions section, both highlighted in the main menu bar.

Inner City – First District

It is the Old Town of Vienna. 100 BC the Roman armee founded a military camp called Vindobona. Around 200 AD, the fortress became a “municipium”, reflecting the rise of cultural and intellectual life. Until the city boundaries were expanded in 1850, the Innere Stadt was congruent with the city of Vienna. Afterwards, Vienna gained even more historical significance, please follow this link. Today, the Ringstraße circles the Innere Stadt along the route of the former city walls. The first district is, with a workforce of 100,745, the largest employment locale in Vienna. This is partially due to tourism, as well as the presence of many corporate headquarters due to the district’s central location.

Must see

The best experience ever. Most likely the most beautiful, safe nonetheless vibrant city in the world. Would recommended it to everyone. We got married in Vienna, and it was a dream come true.


Enjoy your breakfast and easy going in a coffeehouse next to Your Vienna apartment. Never ask for water, since it regularly comes along with your hot coffee or tea.

  • Café Central: homemade cakes and pastries, classic and jazz piano. Arthur Schnitzel and Peter Altenberg were among its regulars.
  • Café Hawelka: Vienna´s unequivocal artist´s café considers itself a Viennese institution – and is right. Unique charm, old furniture, famous Buchteln.
  • Café Landtmann: numerous stars and starlets were there, and perhaps you will recognize some in this noble coffeehoouse.
  • Café Museum: next door to our Operngasse Premium apartment. Vienna´s art noveau artists were there: Gustav Klimt, Egoon Schiele, Oskar Kokoschka, architects Otto Wagner and Adolf Loos as well as Karl Kraus, Elias Canetti. Enough said.
  • Café Prückel: close to our apartments Kumpfgasse Premium. By desire in 1970s design. Brilliant breakfast.
  • Café Sacher: heard of Sachertorte? Here we go. Next to our Operngasse Premium apartment


Surprisingly, Vienna is committed to tall buildings. Most of them are located along the Danube river. Also, Vienna is surrounded by gorgeous hills. Brilliant views are guaranteed.

  • DC Tower: Vienna´s highest level with an elevation of 250 meters. Enjoy a 360° panorasma from the Lounge upon the 57th level.
  • Hotel Sofitel: Have your drink in one of the city´s most extravagant rooftop bars.
  • Hotel Lamée: The Roof, within the city center, splendid view at St. Stephan´s Cathedral.
  • Kahlenberg: located in the Vienna Woods, it is one of the most poopular destinations for day-trips from Vienna. It provides a stunning view over the entire city. Accessible by car via the picturesque Höhenstraße and by public transport line 38A from underground station U4 Heiligenstadt.